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Handbook of Dermoscopy,Josef Malvehy, Ralph Braun, Susana Puig,
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Handbook of Dermoscopy,Josef Malvehy, Ralph Braun, Susana Puig,

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About the Title

With the increasing popularity of dermoscopy, many practitioners are trying to learn how to interpret dermoscopic findings. Since many of these clinicians are using dermoscopy in their clinics to evaluate lesions, the need has arisen for a handy reference guide to provide the information required in a practical, user-friendly format.

Designed to meet this need, the Handbook of Dermoscopy is both a richly illustrated dermoscopic atlas, and a handy source of succinct and relevant information.

Comprehensive and highly practical, the handbook:

  • presents essential information through texts, tables, algorithms, schematics and images
  • includes high quality color images of the quintessential features and basic structures that can be identified by dermoscopy and can be used to differentiate pigmented lesions of the skin
  • contains clear color schematic drawings to aid diagnosis.

Clearly and logically presented, this easily portable text provides instant access to a wealth of images and information that will aid clinicians to build confidence and, ultimately, improve patient care.

Table of Contents

Introduction  1. Two-Step Method  2. Melanocytic Lesion  3. Seborrheic Keratosis  4. Basal Cell Carcinoma  5. Dermatofibroma  6. Vascular Lesion  7. Others  8. Melanoma  9. Pattern Analyses  10. ABCD/ABC/ABCDE Rule  11. Menzies's Method  12. 7 Point Checklist  13. 3 Point Checklist  14. Special Locations  Index

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