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Comprehensive Board Review in Neurology,Borsody, Mark K Comprehensive Cleft Care, Second Edition: Two Volume Set

Comprehensive Body Contouring
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Comprehensive Body Contouring

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Comprehensive Body Contouring,Theory and Practice
Authors: Hurwitz, Dennis,2016, with online files

Written by a well-known innovator among plastic surgeons who repeatedly reports excellent results
This up-to-date discourse on body contouring surgery is based on the experience of a plastic surgeon who is renowned as an innovator and repeatedly reports excellent results. Patient selection, preparation, surgical procedures, and aftercare are presented for those desiring body contouring after massive weight loss, pregnancy, and/or aging. The emphasis is on technique, which is precisely described and filmed, and the videos are full length and divided into brief segments. Comprehensive Body Contouring is a thorough discussion of the surgical principles presented and referred to throughout the text. Brachioplasty, mastopexy, breast augmentation, upper and lower body lifts, buttockplasty, thighplasty, the full gamut of lipoplasties, and the coordination of these procedures are described in detail. Technique and decision making are contrasted with the writings of other well-known authors. Standardized images and analysis of evaluations and reported complications support the conclusions.

Table of Contents:
Aesthetics, Examination, and Care
Hurwitz, Dennis
Pages 5-26
Principles and Basic Techniques
Hurwitz, Dennis
Pages 27-61
Body Contouring Surgery for Women
Hurwitz, Dennis
Pages 63-179
Body Contouring Surgery for Men
Hurwitz, Dennis
Pages 181-211
Facelift in the Body Contouring Patient
Hurwitz, Dennis
Pages 213-227

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