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Advanced Aesthetic Rhinoplasty,Art, Science, and New Clinical Te Advanced Craniomaxillofacial Surgery

Advanced Cosmetic Otoplasty
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Advanced Cosmetic Otoplasty

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Advanced Cosmetic Otoplasty
Art, Science, and New Clinical Techniques
Editors: Shiffman, Melvin A. (Ed.)

In this book, international experts present up-to-date techniques of otoplasty in which they have extensive personal experience. Both new and modified procedures are described with the aid of a wealth of high-quality illustrations. In addition to these detailed descriptions, ear embryology and anatomy, psychological issues, postoperative care, possible risks and complications, and outcomes are extensively covered in order to provide the reader with a state of the art account of all aspects of cosmetic otoplasty. Throughout, the contributors are inventive and eloquent in guiding the reader to a better understanding that optimal results of otoplasty will be achieved only with a more refined approach than the routine use of simplified techniques. This book will be of value to both students (residents and fellows) and experienced cosmetic, plastic, maxillofacial, and general surgeons.

Table of contents (60 chapters)
Embryology and Anomalies of the External Ear
Tracy, Jeremiah C. (et al.)
Pages 3-13
Anatomy of the External Ear
Prendergast, Peter M.
Pages 15-21
Anatomy, History, and Utility of the Posterior Auricular Fascia in Otoplasty
Shokrollahi, Kayvan (et al.)
Pages 23-34
The Timing of Otoplasty
Spielmann, Patrick M. (et al.)
Pages 37-40
History of Otoplasty: Review of Literature
Shiffman, Melvin A.
Pages 43-64
Current Trends in Otoplasty
Petersson, Rajanya S.
Pages 65-80
Hair Preparation in Otoplasty
Bovill, Esta S.
Pages 81-82
Practical Perioperative Otoplasty Preparation
Wain, Richard A. J.
Pages 83-87
Practical Tips for Otoplasty
Bhatti, Ahmad F. (et al.)
Pages 89-94
Nuances of Otoplasty
Schreiber, Nathan T. N. (et al.)
Pages 95-110
Anterior Versus Posterior Approach to Otoplasty
Echarri, Rosa Maria (et al.)
Pages 111-117
Minimally Invasive Otoplasty: Technical Details and Long-Term Results
Fuente, Antonio (et al.)
Pages 119-125
Treatment of Prominent Ear Anomalies
Xue, Amy S. (et al.)
Pages 127-137
Precision and Suture Positioning in Otoplasty: Aspiring to the “Virgin” Ear
Shokrollahi, Kayvan
Pages 139-141
Otoplasty with Mustarde Suture Cartilage Scratching and Rasping
Sevin, Kutlu (et al.)
Pages 143-148
The Négrevergne Otoplasty Technique
Songu, Murat
Pages 149-161
Island Technique for Prominent Ears
Pitanguy, Ivo (et al.)
Pages 163-169
Otoplasty and Earlobe Repair
Archibald, David J. (et al.)
Pages 171-182
The Bauer Otoplasty Technique
Ibrahim, Ahmed M. S. (et al.)
Pages 183-195
Use of Multiple Techniques for Otoplasty (Stenstrom, Mustarde, Furnas)
Friedland, Jack A. (et al.)
Pages 197-208
Combined Technique in Aesthetic Otoplasty
Salgarello, Marzia (et al.)
Pages 209-233
Incisionless Otoplasty
Çokkeser, Yaşar
Pages 235-244
Incisionless Otoplasty
Fritsch, Michael H.
Pages 245-248
Carbon Dioxide Laser-Assisted Cartilage Reshaping Otoplasty for Prominent Ears
Ragab, Ahmed
Pages 249-265
Sutureless Otoplasty: Anterior Scoring of the Antihelical Fold
Bhatti, Asif Zubair (et al.)
Pages 267-270
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Publicado Agosto 2013
Edición 1ª
Idioma Inglés
Páginas 665
Peso 1.461 gramos
Dimensiones 19 x 26 x 3 cms.
Editorial SPRINGER

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