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The Art of Gluteal Sculpting ,Dr.C. Mendieta
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The Art of Gluteal Sculpting ,Dr.C. Mendieta

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The Art of Gluteal Sculpting,By Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta,Published May 2011. Hardcover. Approximately 425 pages, over 600 illustrations. Includes 1 DVD with 2 operative videos.

By Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta

Learn Gluteal Sculpting from the Master!

Gluteal sculpting procedures have become increasingly popular today as patients requesting body contouring improvements recognize that a nicely shaped buttock provides balance and proportion to the total body aesthetic. The Art of Gluteal Sculpting, by Dr. Constantino G. Mendieta, an acknowledged expert in this area, is the definitive work on this topic.

The dramatic increase in requests for gluteal contouring procedures requires that plastic surgeons develop a mastery not only of a range of body contouring procedures, but also the ability to recognize each patient's body frame type so that appropriate interventions can be planned. This book provides surgeons with the comprehensive, clinical information they need to meet their patient demands.

This magnificently illustrated semi-atlas work consists of 7 comprehensive chapters in two parts. The beautiful 4-color artwork depicts the surface anatomy as well as the underlying structures to enhance understanding. Numerous case examples demonstrate the excellent outcomes from these procedures. Step-by-step technique is demonstrated for each of the procedures discussed. One DVD with 2 operative video accompanies the book.

Part I book begins with a seminal chapter: Evaluation Based on Anatomic Landmarks that sets the tone for the entire book and demonstrates the importance of anatomy in influencing outcomes. In this invaluable chapter, Dr. Mendieta provides his comprehensive evaluation system developed and refined over an 8-year period. This system represents "another way of seeing;" it provides the foundation for all of the techniques that follow with critical guidelines for assessing specific anatomic components and developing a roadmap for treating individual patients. The second chapter on Patient Selection and Clinical Decision Making takes the principles established in the evaluation system and applies them to a range of patients with different body types, quantities of fat, and anatomic configurations. From this clinical application a treatment plan is derived and recommended for each patient type discussed.

Part II focuses on different techniques for gluteal reshaping. A detailed chapter on fat grafting introduces this section; it provides step-by step detail on Dr. Mendieta’s technique for large volume liposuction and fat grafting in the gluteal area. This is his preferred method used in the majority of cases, and he details its advantages, limitations and potential outcomes. The next two chapters focus on techniques for implant augmentation: one on intramuscular implant placement and the second, contributed by the noted surgeon, Dr. Jose de la Pena, is on subfascial implant augmentation. The final two chapters focus on excisional techniques. Chapter 6 describes Dr. Mendieta's exciting new Miami Thong Lift for Inner Gluteal Fold Excision while chapter 7 provides a detailed description of Circumferential Body and Buttock Lifting by renowned surgeon Dr. Al Aly.




Part I: Basics

1 Evaluation Based on Anatomic Lanmarks

2 Patient Selection:Clinical Decision-Making

Part II: Technique

3 Aesthetic Liposculpting and fat Grafting for the Buttock and Torso

4 Intramuscular Implant Augmentation

5 Subfacial Implant Augmentation(Jose Abel de la Peña,Jose Fernando Lopez –Salguero,Miguel Angel Soto-Miranda)

6 The Miami Thong Lift for Inner Gluteal Fold Excision

7 Circumferencial Body and Buttock Lifting, Al S.Aly,Sejal M.Patel

DVD Contents:

Gluteal Sculpting With Fat Grafting,Miami Thong Lift,and Inner Thigh Lift

Liposuction and Fat Harvesting With the Body-Jet




This book is essential reading for anyone performing buttock or body contouring.

Published May 2011. Hardcover. Approximately 425 pages, over 600 illustrations. Includes 1 DVD with 2 operative videos.

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