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Exfoliación química,Por: Tung, R.C. 2ª ed.© 2011 Eyelid and Periorbital Surgery, Second Edition

Eyelid & Periorbital Surgery,With 4  DVD, by Clinton D. McCord,
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Eyelid & Periorbital Surgery,With 4 DVD, by Clinton D. McCord,

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Eyelid & Periorbital Surgery,Edited by Clinton D. McCord, Jr., MD, Mark A. Codner, MD,Published 2008. Hardcover, Approx. 1,200 pages and over 3,000 illustrations
2 Volumes with 4 DVDs containing operative video  


Edited by Clinton D. McCord, Jr., MD, Mark A. Codner, MD
Benefit from the keen insights and expert knowledge of Clinton McCord Jr., MD and Mark Codner, MD as they share their vast experience in treating aesthetic and reconstructive problems of the eyelids and periorbital area in this master work. No other book provides this depth of experience – with an oculoplastic surgeon and a plastic surgeon pooling their talents and their unique insights to offer readers the advantage of their combined expertise. The result is a remarkable 2-volume clinical work that provides comprehensive guidance for solving both common and rare problems encountered in treating eyelid and periorbital conditions. It is destined to find a valued place in the libraries of young and experienced surgeons alike.

Comprehensive Coverage
This 2-volume/DVD combination covers it all – from basic anatomy to the latest refinements and advances in technique. Divided into 3 parts, the book begins with "Fundamentals" and includes 4 significant chapters on anatomy; eyelid function, innervation, and biomechanics; basic principles; and tissue grafts. These initial chapters provide an important foundation for planning aesthetic and reconstructive surgical interventions, and include essential information on eyelid physiology, acquiring donor tissues for use in eyelid surgery, and basic suturing and flap techniques.

Part II focuses on aesthetic surgery of the eyelid and periorbital area. It includes the range of procedures needed for an aesthetic practice, including: brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, midface lift, Asian blepharoplasty and treatment of aesthetic complications. The final two chapters in this section discuss the adjunctive use of tissue fillers, botox, and fat grafting for enhancing the results of aesthetic procedures in this anatomic area. The authors are assisted in this section by select contributions by Dr. William Chen (Asian blepharoplasty), Dr. Foad Nahai (transpalpebral blepharoplasty), Drs. Roderick Hester and Kristin Boehm (fat grafting) and Mary Popp, RN (Botox and Injectable Fillers).

The final Part is devoted to reconstructive surgery and includes a comprehensive approach to ptosis surgery, upper and lower eyelid reconstruction, entropion and ectropion reconstruction and special topics such as surgery for facial paralysis, malignant eyelid tumors, eyelid trauma, Graves’ disease, or in pediatric patients. Other important topics include: variations in canthal anchoring and the use of spacer materials.

An Invaluable Resource
Beautiful 4- color artwork and photographs provide step-by-step descriptions of each surgical procedure. These volumes are filled with tips and tricks, clinical nuances, and personal insights for improving your results and addressing difficult surgical challenges.

The Ideal Print/Video Combination
This book is a virtual gold mine of information – supplemented by over 45 video clips offering more than 5 hours of descriptive surgical video for standard aesthetic and reconstructive procedures along with alternative approaches. This video footage is contained on multiple DVDs that accompany these volumes. To aid the reader, the video segments are keyed into the text and are also included in the table of contents. Therefore, when reading about different surgical techniques, the surgeon is able to supplement the written word by viewing a dynamic demonstration of the procedure. This duality is enormously helpful in explaining the subtle nuances of different operations.

This invaluable book will become a treasured part of your library and a trusted resource that you will refer to time and again.

Key Features

  • Currently popular aesthetic surgical procedures, including cheek lift and eyebrow/forehead procedures
  • Extensive video coverage of standard surgical procedures on 4 DVDs
  • Videos keyed into chapters for ready reference
  • Case analyses to facilitate clinical decision making
  • Beautifully illustrated descriptions with 4-color artwork and clinical photographs throughout
  • More than 3,000 color images
  • Step-by-step surgical descriptions
  • Algorithms to help in clinical problem solving
  • Numerous case studies depict excellent outcomes that can be achieved



Part I: Fundamentals

1.Clasiscal Surgical Eyelid Anatomy2.Current Concepts of Eyelid Function,Innervation and Biomechanics.
§  Neuromyectomy for Blepharospasm

§  Postblepharoplasty Orbicularis Innervation Study

§  Drill Hole Canthoplasty with Spacer Placement for Buccal Branch Paresis

§  Drill Hole Canthal Reachoring for Postblepharoplasty Canthal Dehiscence

3.     Basic Principles

4.     Tissue Graftsh


5.     Aging Changes in the Eyelid and Periorbital Area

6.     Browlift

§  Direct Browpexy

§  Endoscopic Brow / Forehead Lift With Temporal Lifth

§  Insolated Temporal Lift

7.     Upper Lid Blepharoplasty

§  Upper Lift Blepharoplasty With Internal Brow pexy

§  Upper Blepharoplasty with Transpalpebral Resection

§  Bilateral Upper Lid Blepharoplasty with Internal Brow pexy 

8.     Lower Lid Blepharoplasty and Midface Lift

§  Lateral Canthopexy

§  Lateral Canthoplasty Showing Lid Distraction

§  Lateral Canthoplasty Including Upper Lid Plication

§  Recession of Capsulopalpebral fascia

§  Surgical Modifications for Prominent Eye

§  Spacer Insertion

§  Extended Lower Lid Blepharoplasty

§  Development of the Cheek Flap

§  Variations in Fat Transfer

§  Dissection, Anchoring and Skin Resection for Orbicularis Flap

9.     Correction of Complications in Aesthetic Eyelid Surgery

§  Single Drill Hole Canthal Fixation

§  Double Drill Hole Canthal Fixation

§  Myocutaneous Flaps

§  Cheek Lift With Transconjunctival  Spacer Insertion

§  Upper Lid Lateral Canthoplasty

10.Asian Blepharoplasty ( Chen)

§  Asian Upper Lid Blepharoplasty

11.Botox and Injectable Fillers (Popp)

§  Botox Injection of the Forehead and Brow

§  Botox Injection to the Forehead,Glabella and Laugh Lines

§   Botox Injection to the Forehead,Glabella,Laugh Lines and Mentalis

12.Fat Grafting and Preorbital Region ( Hester,Boehm,Codner)

§  Fat Harvesting,Preparation and Midface Injection


13.Ptosis : Evaluation and Treatment

§  Three – Step Technique for Aponeurotic Repair

§  Three – Step Technique for Aponeurotic Repair to Reduce Gapping

§  Ptosis Spring Back Test

§  Levator Resection for Congenital Ptosis

§  Fascia Lata Frontalis Suspension

§  Silicone Rod Frontalis Suspension

14.Malignant Eyelid Tumors

15.Approach to Eyelid Reconstruction

16.Upper Eyelid Reconstruction

§  Full Thickneess Upper Lid Defect Closure

17.Lower Eyelid Reconstruction

§  Full Thickneess Lower Lid Defect Closure

§  Tenzel Flap of the Lower Lid

§  Standard Hughes Procedure

§  Standard ,  Flap Separation Hughes Procedure

§  Complex Hughes Procedure

§  Complex,Flap Separation Hughes Procedure

§  Free Tarsal graft – Myocutaneous  Flap

18. Medial  and Lateral Canthal Reconstruction

19. Managuement of Eyelid Trauma

20.Involutional and Laxity Entropion and Ectropion

§  Revisional Entropion Repair

21.Cicatricial Ectoprion and Entropion

§  Cicatricial Entropion Repair With Bucal Mucous Membrane Graft

22.Facial Nerve Palsy

23.Eye Changes in Grave´s Disease

§  Upper Lid Resection With Spacer Insertion

24. Pediatric Eyelid Anomalies


Available Fall 2008. Hardcover, Approx. 1,200 pages and over 3,000 illustrations
2 Volumes with 4 DVDs containing operative video

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