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Lymphedema: Complete Medical and Surgical Management Peter C. Ne
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Lymphedema: Complete Medical and Surgical Management Peter C. Ne

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Lymphedema: Complete Medical and Surgical Management
Peter C. Neligan, Jaume Masia, Neil Piller (Book + e-Book)
August 26, 2015 by CRC Press
Reference - 654 Pages - 500 Color & 100 B/W Illustrations


Comprehensive coverage of lymphedema—from diagnosis to treatment to future directions, such as molecular approaches
Focusses on medical and surgical management
Provides operative videos with key details of main surgical approaches
Contains more than 500 illustrations, many in color
Features chapters written by a global team of experts

Lymphedema: Complete Surgical and Medical Management is one of the first books to cover the state of the field, encompassing both surgical and nonsurgical treatments. It is divided into several areas:

Anatomy, Physiology, and Lymphangiogenesis
Pathophysiology and Clinical Presentation
Treatment – including surgical and pharmacologic therapy
Research and Future Directions
The book opens with chapters on anatomy and embryology, discusses the physiology of the lymphatic system, and examines the pathophysiology of primary and secondary lymphedema. It also reviews risk factors in breast cancer, examines lymphedema in pediatrics, and explores sentinel node biopsy. In addition, the book describes psychological and dermatological implications.

Buidling on this foundation, the text discusses diagnostic modalities, biomarkers, and differential lymph node mapping and clinical staging. It includes the history of lymphedema treatment and an overview of various past and present treatments in India and China, then explores pharmacological options, excisional approaches, liposuction, and venous implantation methods. Detailed presentations of lymphatic grafts and surgical treatments round out the coverage.

The book closes with a discussion on animal models, improving patient outcomes, and the potential use of stem cells in lymphedema management. Using a consistent format throughout, the book includes more than 500 illustrations, many in color. A DVD with practical surgical videos is included. With US, European, and Asian-Pacific contributing experts, this book presents a truly global approach.

Table of Contents


Lymphedema: Lack of Solutions to a Clinical Problem
Manish C. Champaneria and Peter C. Neligan

Lymphedema and Its Impact on Quality of Life
Jane M. Armer, Jennifer M. Hulett, Janice N. Cormier,
Bob R. Stewart, Ausanee Wanchai, and Kate D. Cromwell

Measuring Quality of Life
Vaughan Keeley


Sandro Michelini, Miguel Amore, Lucia Tapia, Gisela Pattarone,
Diego Mercado, Jeremy Torrisi, Ira Savetsky, Jason Gardenier, and Babak J. Mehrara

Lymphatic Pathways
Wei-Ren Pan

Applied Anatomy
Miguel Amore, Lucia Tapia, Gisela Pattarone, and Diego Mercado

Jeremy Torrisi, Ira Savetsky, Jason Gardenier, and Babak J. Mehrara

Impact of Genetics on the Development of the Lymphatic System
Kristiana Gordon, Sahar Mansour, and Pia Ostergaard

Relationship Between Fat Tissue and Lymphangiogenesis
Mauro Andrade

Lymphatic Malformations
Sandro Michelini, Alessandro Fiorentino, and Marco Cardone

Immune Regulation by the Peripheral Lymphatics
David G. Hancock


Pathophysiology of Primary Lymphedema
Byung-Boong Lee and James Laredo

Pathophysiology of Secondary Lymphedema
Etelka Földi

Clinical Presentation of Secondary Lymphedema of the Lower Leg
Terence Ryan

Gurusamy Manokaran, Rajiv Agarwal, and Devisha Agarwal

Lymphedema in Pediatrics
Cristóbal Miguel Papendieck

Venous Failure
Audra A. Duncan

Lymphedema Risk Factors in Breast Cancer
Swetha Kambhampati and Stanley Rockson

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Outcomes
Janice N. Cormier, Kate D. Cromwell, Jane M. Armer, and Merrick I. Ross


Cause and Classification of Lymphatic Disorders
Swetha Kambhampati and Stanley Rockson

Approach to Diagnosis, Including Differential Diagnosis and Misdiagnosis
Yener Demirtas and Baris Yigit Neligan

Jörg Wilting and Kerstin Buttler

Clinical Staging
Sandro Michelini, Marco Cardone, and Alessandro Fiorentino

Measuring Methods
Peter C. Neligan

Lymph Pressure and Flow Measurements
Waldemar L. Olszewski and Marzanna Zaleska

Radionuclide Lymphoscintigraphy
Byung-Boong Lee and James Laredo

ICG Lymphography
Mitsunaga Narushima, Takumi Yamamoto, and Isao Koshima

Magnetic Resonance Lymphangiography
Lee M. Mitsumori


Conservative Treatments for Lymphedema
Neil Piller

Pharmacological Treatment of Lymphedema
Kathleen Wang

Excisional Approaches
Peter C. Neligan

Håkan Brorson

Multiple Lymphatic-Venous Anastomoses and Multiple Lymphatic-Venous-Lymphatic Anastomoses
Corrado Cesare Campisi, Melissa Ryan, and Corradino Campisi

Lymphatic Grafts
Ruediger G.H. Baumeister

Lymphatico Venular Anastomosis
Isao Koshima

Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer
Corinne Becker

Differential Lymph Node Mapping
Joseph H. Dayan and Mark L. Smith

Local Flaps and Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer
Joshua Levine

Transverse Myocutaneous Gracilis with Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer
Sinikka Suominen and Maija Kolehmainen

L.Y.M.P.H.A. Concept
Francesco Boccardo

Combined Surgical Treatment for Breast Cancer–Related Lymphedema
Jaume Masia

Interventional Timing
Jaume Masia and Peter C. Neligan

Lymphedema Complications and Their Treatment
Arin K. Greene and Reid A. Maclellan

Treatment of Lymphedema in India
Rajiv Agarwal, Devisha Agarwal

Treatment of Lymphedema in China
Ningfei Liu


Animal Models of Lymphedema
Swapna Ghanta, Daniel A. Cuzzone, and Babak J. Mehrara

Stem Cells and Possible Future Use in Lymphedema Management
Tony Penington and Ramin Shayan

Lymphedema Frameworks: Toward Improved Patient Outcomes
Christine Moffatt and Susie Murray

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