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Asian Facial Cosmetic Surgery Atlas a Color - Cirugía Cosmética Oculofacial Segunda Edición

Aston Sherrell M.D. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery with DVD - Expert
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Aston Sherrell M.D. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery with DVD - Expert

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Aesthetic Plastic Surgery with DVD - Expert Consult,By Sherrell J Aston, Douglas S Steinbrech and Jennifer Walde 976 pages,Copyright 2009,Ver Video

Availability: 06/30/2009

Table of Contents


Section 1: Office Organization

1 Office Staff and Organization, Gustavo A. Colon

2 Clinical Photography of the Aesthetic Patient, Val Lambros

Section 2: Anesthesia

3 Anesthesia inAesthetic Surgery, Michael Zelman & Daniel J. Ceradini

4 Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting, Sheldon Opperman & David M. Shafer

5 Patient Safety in Aesthetic Surgery, Mark Jewell

Section 3: Facelift

6 Facelift Anatomy, SMAS Retaining Ligaments and Facial Spaces, Bryan Mendelson

7 Facelift with SMAS Techniques and FAME, Sherell J. Aston & Jennifer L. Walden

8 Extended SMAS Facelift - Restoring Facial Shape in Facelifting, James M. Stuzin

9 Short Scar Facelift, Daniel C. Baker

10 Foundation Facelift, Gerald H. Pitman

11 The 'HIGH SMAS' Facelift Technique, Fritz E. Barton, Jr. & Ricardo A. Meade

12 MACS Face Lift, Patrick L. Tonnard, Alexis M. Verpaele & Colin M. Morrison

13 The Multi-Vectored Facelift, Jack A. Friedland

14 The Male Facelift, Douglas S. Steinbrech

15 Endoscopic Mid and Lower Face Rejuvenation, Steven Byrd & Andrew P. Trussler

16 Endoscopic Facial Rejuvenation, Oscar M. Ramirez

17 Facial Rejuvenation in Non-Caucasians, Ferdinand A. Ofodile

18 Aesthetic Facial Microsurgery, John W. Siebert & Joseph Michaels

19 Midface lift, Mark A. Codner & Salvatore Pacella

Section 4: The Neck

20 Deep Plane Procedures in the Neck, Adam Bryce Weinfeld & Foad Nahai

21 Treatment of the Male Neck, Thomas M. Biggs & Jose Luis Martin Del Yerro Coca

22 Managing Submandibular Glands, Patrick K. Sullivan, Eric A Hoy & Brandon Freeman

Section 5: Browlift

23 Non-Endoscopic Limited Incision Browlift, Richard Warren

24 Coronal Browlift, Daniel C. Baker, Ernest S. Chiu

25 Endoscopic Browlift with Internal Fixation, Bahman Guyuron & David J. Rowe

26 Transblepharoplasty Browlift, John W. Siebert & Emily Ridgeway

Section 6: Suture Suspension

27 Suture Suspension for Face and Neck, Gregory Lloyd Ruff

28 Suture Suspension for Brow and Upper Face, Nicanor G. Isse & Newton D. Moscoe

Section 7: Blepharoplasty

29 Conventional Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty, Pierre Saadeh

30 Lateral Canthal Suspension Techniques, Glenn W. Jelks & Elizabeth B. Jelks

31 Lid-cheeck Blending; the Tear Trough Deformity, Mark A. Codner & Haideh Hirmand

32 Tarsal Strip Canthoplasty, Richard D. Lisman & Gary J. Lelli, Jr.

33 Blepharoplasty in the Asian Patient, Robert S. Flowers & Montien Lueprapai

34 Treatment of Blepharoplasty Complications, Richard D. Lisman & Gary J. Lelli, Jr.

Section 8: Malar, Chin, and Mandibular Contouring

35 Autologous Contouring the Lower Face, Steven M. Warren, Alexander C. Allori & Joseph G. McCarthy

36 Alloplastic Chin Augmentation, Wojciech Dec & Steven Warren

Section 9: Rhinoplasty

37 Primary Closed Rhinoplasty, Sherrell J. Aston & Jason Martin

38 Primary Open Rhinoplasty, Nicolas Tabbal & Michael A. Bogdan

39 Secondary Rhinoplasty, Rollin K. Daniel & Kevin A. Brenner

40 Nasal Tip Grafting with an ";Anatomic Tip Graft"; and Sizers, Ronald P. Gruber, Gil Kryger & Keyian Paydar

41 Anatomic Approach for Tip Problems, Vincent P. Marin, C. Spencer Cochran & Jack P. Gunter

42 Correction of the Deviated Septum, Bahman Guyuron & David J. Rowe

43 The Ethnic Rhinoplasty, Ashkan Ghavami & Rod J. Rohrich

44 The Asian Rhinoplasty, Dean M. Toriumi & Mark A. Checcone

45 Correcting the Cleft Lip Nose, Court Cutting & Roberto Flores

Section 10: Ear

46 Primary Otoplasty and Reconstruction, Charles H.M. Thorne

Section 11: Breast

47 Traditional Inverted-T Breast Reduction, Claudio Cardoso de Castro

48 Mastopexy With and Without Implant, Scott L. Spear & Michael K Newman

49 Pitanguy Breast Reduction, Ivo Pitanguy & Henrique N Radwanski

50 Medial Pedicle Verticle Mamoplasty, Elizabeth J. Hall-Findlay

51 Periareolar Mastopexy and Reduction: The ";Round Block";, Louis C. Benelli

52 Breast Implant Selection, Design and Composition, Douglas S. Steinbrech & Oren Z. Lerman

53 Breast Augmentation, Jennifer J. Walden

54 The Dual Plane Approach to Breast Augmentation, Steven Teitelbaum

55 Cohesive Gel Breast Augmentation, William P. Adams, Jr.

56 Difficult Breast Augmentations, Nolan S. Karp

57 Breast Reconstruction, G. Patrick Maxwell & Allen Gabriel

58 Nipple-Areola Reconstruction, G. Patrick Maxwell & Allen Gabriel

Section 12: Body Countouring / Bariatric Massive Weight Loss

59 Pure Aspirative Lipoplasty, Gerald H. Pitman & David A. Stoker

60 Complications and Corrections of Lipoplasty, Ewaldo Bolivar de Souza Pinto, Rodrigo Federico & Andrey van Ass Malheiros

61 New Concepts in Fat Grafting, Ewaldo Bolivar de Souza Pinto, Paulo R. Carneiro, Leonora d'Ascensao Mansur & Rodrigo Federico

62 Lipoabdominoplasty: Saldanha's Technique, Osvaldo Saldanha, Rodrigo Federico & Mauricio Doi

63 Lipoabdominoplasty: Advanced Techniques and Technologies, Mark Jewell

64 Non-surgical Ultrasonic Lipoplasty, Peter Fodor

65 Ultrasound Assisted Liposuction, Mary K. Gingrass & Allen Gabriel

66 Abdominoplasty Techniques, Ronaldo Pontes & Narayana Pauline Serpa

67 Brachioplasty, Dennis J. Hurwitz & Timothy Neavin

68 Belt Lipectomy: Lower Body Lift, Carlos G.L. Neves, Albert E. Cram & Al S. Aly

69 High Lateral Tension Abdominoplasty, Steven Teitelbaum

70 Gluteal Augmentation, Michele Tardif & Jose Abel de la Pena

Section 13: Skin & Facial Resurfacing

71 Botox for Face, Neck and Brow, Fred S. Brandt and Alex Cazzaniga

72 Lip Augmentation, Arnold W. Klein & Bruce W. Ayers

73 Structural Fat Augmentation of the Face and Hands, Sydney R. Coleman & Alesia P. Saboeiro

74 Hyaluronic Acid Injectable Filler, Jennifer L. Walden & Walter Lampeter

75 Non-Hyaluronic Acid Filler for Facial Augmentation, Douglas S. Steinbrech & Oren M. Tepper

76 Laser Surfacing, John L. Burns & A. Jay Burns

77 Fractional Resurfacing, Sean A. Sukal & Roy G. Geronemus

78 Total Facial Alloplastic Augmentation, Edward O. Terino

79 Chemical Peels and Dermabrasion, John A. Perrotti & Thomas J. Baker

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