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Aesthetic Oculofacial Rejuvenation with DVD - Non-Invasive Techn
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Aesthetic Oculofacial Rejuvenation with DVD - Non-Invasive Techn

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Aesthetic Oculofacial Rejuvenation with DVD - Non-Invasive Techniques,By Marian Zilkha and Alessandra Haddad,232 pages,Copyright 2010,Includes a DVD with 70 minutes of key techniques on video so you can watch the experts at work and learn first hand how to master procedures and deliver high-quality results

Aesthetic Oculofacial Rejuvenation,DVD ROM Contents

Lower Lid Peel(Richard H.Bensimon)

Periorbital Peeling (Marina Landau)

Lasers:Ablative/Pearl TM (Alessandra Haddad)

Lasers: Intense Pulsed Light/Limelight TM (Alessandra Haddad)

Photodynamic Therapy PDT(Alessandra Haddad)

Radiofrequency Devices:Raduage TM (Reynaldo Javate)

Infrared Devices:Titan TM (Alessandra Haddad)

Botulinum Toxin – Treatment 1(Alessandra Haddad)

Botulinum Toxin – Treatment 2 (Alessandra Haddad)

Botulinum Toxin – Treatment 3(Alessandra Haddad)

Tear Trough Correction (Marian cantisano-Zilkha,Alessandra Haddad)

Perioral,Nasolabial Fold Correction and Lips Enhancement(Marian cantisano-Zilkha,Alessandra Haddad)

Facial dystrophy Correction(Marian cantisano-Zilkha,Alessandra Haddad)

Lower Face and perioral Rejuvenation(Marian cantisano-Zilkha,Alessandra Haddad)

Dark Circles: A Combined Approach (Doris M.hexsel ,Tuciana Dal Forno)

Laser Lipolysis:the Technique Bruce Katz,Jason McBean)

Skin Rejuvenation With Platelet Rich Plasma(Maria Angelo-Khata)

Stretchmarks:Intradermal Injection of CO2 Gas to improve Stretchmarks-Tutorial (Phillipe Cadic)

Localized-Adiposities:Localized Subdermal Injection- Modification of the Appearance of the skin and Gas Diffusion (Phillipe Cadic)

Periocular Rejuvenation:Upper and Lower Lid Intradermal and Subcutaneos Injection of CO2 to Improve Wrinkles(Phillipe Cadic))

 Book Contents







Overview of the Aesthetic Approach,Current Concepts in Oculofacial Aging, (Marian cantisano-Zilkha,Alessandra Haddad),

Economic Impact of non- invasive Technologies in Plastic Surgery, Lydia Masako Ferreira,Marcel Vinicius de Aguiar Menezes


Combining Non-Invasive Therapies: A Step by Step Guide, (Marian cantisano-Zilkha,Alessandra Haddad)

Antomy of the Periorbital Area , (Iones P.Galvis)


Skincare: Eckart Haneke

Lasers and Intense Light Sources (Eckart Haneke)

Photodynamic Treatment (Eckart Haneke)

Skin Tightening Devices:Radiofrequency  and Infrared technologies, (Marian cantisano-Zilkha,Alessandra Haddad)

Radiofrequency Technology(Reynaldo M.Javate,Nikolaos Trakos,Raul T.Cruz Jr.

Bipolar Radiofrequency , Neil Sadick

Botulinum Toxin for Oculofacial Aestehtic Rejuvenation, Doris M.Hexsel,Luigard Wiest,Mariana Soirefmann

Facial Fillers and Volumizers ,  (Marian cantisano-Zilkha,Alessandra Haddad)

Fat Transfer (Luiz Alexandre Lorico Tissiani)

Dark Circles:A Combination Approach (Doris M.hesxel,Taciana Dal´Forno,Alessandra Haddad ,Marian Cantisiano-Zilkha)

Minimally Invasive laser Lipolysis for Facial and Neck rejuvenation(Bruce E.katz,Jason C. McBean)

Mesotherapy,Alexander krulick

Skin Rejuvenation with Platelet-rich Plasma,Maria Angelo-Khattar

Carbon Doxide Therapy:Face and Body Rejuvenation, Philippe Cadic

Cosmetic Dentistry of the Perioral Area-the Odontological Point of View , luis Gustavo Nascimento de Melo,Marcelo Pereira Nunes,Marcelo Wolff Fernandez,Luciane Magalhaes Antonini,Maria Beatriz RG de Oliveira.

The inportance of the Aesthetician in Cosmetic Practice, Susanne S.warfield

From the Inside Out:A Psychotherapist´s Views on Aesthetic Enhancement.Michael Goldberg.

The Future of Oculofacial Rejuvenation:A Perspective ,Sterling Baker, Erin L.Holloman










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