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Aesthetic Breast Surgery
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Aesthetic Breast Surgery

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Aesthetic Breast Surgery,by Elizabeth J. Hall-Findlay, MD, FACS,Approximately 450 pages, 850 illustrations, all in color Multiple DVDs with animation/operative video Publication Date August 2010

Improve your Aesthetic Breast Surgery outcomes with this Remarkable Book by Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay!

Filled with take-away messages and valuable insights, Aesthetic Breast Surgery by Elizabeth Hall-Findlay, MD is a masterful text that you will refer to time and again. It presents a personal and time-proven approach to all forms of aesthetic breast surgery.

This book is a distillation of the author's extensive experience and provides her unique perspective on problem-solving and patient analysis. Dr. Hall-Findlay has spent years measuring and studying patient results to help other surgeons use "science" to improve the "art" of aesthetic breast surgery. She has developed an approach to analysis and surgery which is simple and consistent - with results that can be achieved by all surgeons.

Prepare Yourselves for a Master Class in Aesthetic Breast Surgery
With personal insights and wisdom pervading every page, this book provides the reader with a master class in aesthetic breast surgery by one of the world's leading experts. Dr. Hall-Findlay is widely known for her popularization of the medial pedicle approach to vertical breast reduction and this is covered in depth. However, her accomplishments in breast surgery extend far beyond this technique. Her ongoing innovations continue to advance the field. In this semi-atlas work, she brings her considerable expertise to bear on the range of aesthetic breast surgery procedures as she describes her individual approach to patient evaluation, operative planning, clinical decision-making, and operative technique.

Comprehensive Coverage
Divided into 9 comprehensive chapters, the book begins with key chapters on analysis, concepts, applied anatomy, and patient selection that lay the foundation for the technical descriptions that follow. These introductory chapters are not to be missed. They offer a unique approach to patient assessment and alert the reader to critical anatomic landmarks that strongly influence the success of operative procedures. Concepts such as the breast footprint (high-breasted and low-breasted patients) are examined to help readers understand the realistic possibilities for what can and cannot be achieved when planning breast surgery. The emphasis is on the decision-making process involved in choosing the right approach for each patient and then planning the procedure with these landmarks in mind.

The next seven chapters are devoted to operative technique. A consistent format is used in each chapter with detailed information on patient evaluation, planning, technique, revisions, complications, and outcomes. These pages are liberally illustrated with step-by-step descriptions depicting breast augmentation, vertical breast reduction with the medial pedicle, liposuction-only breast reduction, mastopexy, mastopexy/augmentation, and surgery for breast asymmetries. Information on avoidance and treatment of problems and complications is also highlighted throughout the book. Of particular note is the comprehensive information on nipple necrosis in the reduction chapter; this provides essential information to help surgeons who are faced with decreased blood supply to the nipple.

Beautifully Illustrated
Beautiful and dramatic color illustrations and numerous preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative images help the reader visualize the steps of each procedure and appreciate the excellent long-term results that can be achieved.

Unique Features
Throughout the technique chapters, artwork icons are paired with photographic images to better elucidate the surgical technique being described. Key points are highlighted throughout the pages and a summary box outlining central issues concludes each chapter. Multiple DVDs containing operative video complement the text.

This remarkable book is packed with clinical insights and must-know information. It is destined to become a valued part of your library.



  1. Breast Analysis and Clinical Concepts
  2. Anatomy
  3. Surgical Principles
  4. Patient Selection


  1. Breast Augmentation
  2. Breast Reduction
  3. Mastopexy
  4. Mastopexy-Augmentation
  5. Asymmetry

DVD Contents

  • Medial Pedicle Vertical Breast Reduction
  • Subglandular Breast Augmentation
  • Subpectoral Breast Augmentation
  • Vertical Mastopexy
  • Vertical Mastopexy-Augmentation
  • Re-reduction Using a Vertical Wedge Resection Technique


  • Artwork icons depict surgical steps
  • Explanation of group seminar techniques for patient education
  • New anatomic information aids surgeons in accurately visualizing the blood supply during surgery
  • Anatomic concepts, such as the breast footprint and the upper breast border, help surgeons to achieve consistently excellent results
  • Sequential case presentations honestly depict the results of surgery
  • Semi-atlas with step-by-step illustrations
  • 4-color throughout
  • Beautifully illustrated


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