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CIRURGIA PLASTICA POS BARIATRICA Cleft Lip and Palate: Current Surgical Management

Cleft Lip and Palate Diagnosis and Management
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Cleft Lip and Palate Diagnosis and Management

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Cleft Lip and Palate Diagnosis and Management
Berkowitz, Samuel (Ed.),3rd ed. 2013, XXX, 982 p. 498 illus., 180 illus. in color.


Part I Facial Embryology and Neonatal Palatal Cleft Morphology

1 Embryogenetics of Cleft Lip and Palate

2 The Value of Longitudinal Facial and Dental Casts Records

in Clinical Research and Treatment Analysis

3 Facial and Palatal Growth

Part II Types of Clefts

4 The Effect of Clefting of the Lip and Palate

and the Palatal Arch Form

5 Alternative Method Used to Correct Distorted Neonatal

Cleft Arch Forms

6 Complete Unilateral Cleft of the Lip and Palate

7 Complete Bilateral Cleft Lip and Palate

8 Lip Pits: Orthodontic Treatment, Dentition,

and Occlusion – Associated Skeletal Structures

Part III Facial Growth in Cleft Palate Children

9 Characteristics of Facial Morphology and Growth

in Infants with Clefts

xviii Contents

10 A 25-Year Longitudinal Facial Growth Study

of Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate Subjects

from the Sri Lankan Cleft Lip and Palate Project

11 Airway Management in Patients with Robin Sequence

12 Pierre Robin Sequence

Part IV Audiology/Otology

13 Management of Otopathology and Hearing Loss

in Children with Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Anomalies

Part V Effects of Surgery and How It Was Utilized

14 Palatal Wound Healing: The Effects of Scarring

on Growth

15 Facial Growth Related to Surgical Methods

Part VI Lip and Palate Surgery: Millard–Berkowitz Protocol

16 The Influence of Conservative Surgery on Growth

and Occlusion

17 Choosing the Best Time for Palatal Surgery

Part VII Another Tested Good Surgical Procedure

18 Two-Stage Palatal Surgery with Early Veloplasty

and Delayed Hard Palate Repair: A Balanced View

on Speech and Midfacial Growth Outcome

Part VIII Facial Growth: Time Is the Patient’s Ally

19 Management of the Premaxilla/Maxilla in Bilateral

Cleft Lip and Palate

Contents xix

Part IX Presurgical Orthopedics

20 Neonatal Maxillary Orthopedics: Past to Present

21 A Comparison of the Effects of the Latham–Millard

POPLA Procedure with a Conservative Treatment

Approach on Dental Occlusion and Facial Aesthetics


Part X Midfacial Orthodontic/Orthopedic and/or

Surgical Changes

22 Protraction Facial Mask

23 Protraction Facial Mask for Early Correction

of Midfacial Retrusion: The Bergen Rationale

24 LeFort I Osteotomy

Part XI Orthognathic Surgery

25 Cleft Jaw Deformities and Their Management

26 Secondary Bone Grafting of Alveolar Clefts

27 The Need for Differential Diagnosis in Treatment Planning

Part XII Distraction Osteogenesis

28 Rigid External Distraction: Its Application

in Cleft Maxillary Deformities

29 Remodeling the Mandible by Distraction Osteogenesis

30 Management of Maxillary Deformities

in Growing Cleft Patients

31 Preventing Relapse Following Distraction Osteogenesis

for the Cleft Midface in Adults

xx Contents

Part XIII Speech

32 Diagnostic Procedures and Instruments Used

in the Assessment and Treatment of Speech

33 Variations in Nasopharyngeal Skeletal Architecture

34 The Velopharyngeal Mechanism

35 Surgical Management of Velopharyngeal Dysfunction

36 Velopharyngeal Dysfunction Management Algorithms

37 Optimal Age for Palatoplasty to Facilitate Normal

Speech Development: What Is the Evidence?

38 Speech, Language, and Velopharyngeal Dysfunction:

Management Throughout the Life of an Individual

with Cleft Palate

39 Prosthetic Speech Appliances for Patients

with Cleft Palate

40 Palatal Lift Prosthesis for the Treatment of Velopharyngeal

Incompetency and Insufficiency

Part XIV Third World Cleft Treatment

41 Cleft Palate Treatment in Developing Countries of Africa

42 Birthing and Building Nascent Cleft Teams

in Developing Countries

43 Challenges in Cleft Care in Underdeveloped Countries

Part XV Psychological/Team Function

44 Examining the Team Process: Developing

and Sustaining Effective Craniofacial Team Care

Contents xxi

45 Living with a Cleft: Psychological Challenges,

Support and Intervention

46 Managing Teasing and Bullying

Part XVI Multicenter Clinical Reports

47 Eurocleft and Americleft Studies: Experiments

in Intercenter and International Collaboration

Part XVII Recording Patient Orthodontic/Surgical Findings

48 Berkowitz Recording Patient Information Form

Part XVIII The Patient’s World

49 Social, Ethical, and Health Policy Issues in the Care

of Children with Major Craniofacial Conditions


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